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23 - 24 February, 2025
Jaipur, India


Mundota Fort & Palace

Mundota Palace has been host to royalty, celebrities, artists, and discerning travelers for centuries. A beautiful example of Indo-Saracenic architecture, the palace combines the best of Indian and Mughal styles, making it the perfect setting for a marriage of Indian and Arabic cultures. The property consists of a 450-year-old palace and a 550-year-old fort overlooking the Aravali Range, as well as its own Polo team & field, and horse stables.

The palace, spread over twenty acres, boasts open courtyards, terraces, charming pavilions, and gardens, which invite a multitude of birds and dancing peacocks.

Join us and explore hand painted frescos, mirrored ante-chambers, courtyards, arches, turrets, swings, marble bowls of flowers and, come night, a thousand candles and stars.

The Wedding

February 23 – 24, 2024

We are immensely grateful to our guests for considering the trip to Jaipur, India for our wedding festivities. We know it is a long journey, but nothing would make us happier than spending our special day with all of you. Please explore the website for all wedding-related details and please feel free to reach out to us to help navigate trip planning and arrangements - we’re happy to help in any way we can.

Once you have submitted your RSVP you will get a room assigned to your party.

Mundota Rd, Mundota, RJ 303706, India

Season 1 - 2017

We met one fateful night at a gay salsa bar in Queens through mutual friends. From there on we started our journey together, meeting anywhere we could make our paths cross…

These are the trips we made together, note that we met in August so this encompasses our first 4 months of dating and how this whirlwind began

Season 2 - 2018

We didn't fully hit our stride until 2018 came along. Our relocation plans changed and we adapted by relocating to... still figuring it out

...yup all in one year

Season 3 - 2019

When 2019 rolled around, the rest of the family caught wind and joined in...

...we get anxiety just thinking about it.

Season 4 - 2020

I don't think anyone was expecting any of 2020 to happen

We renovated and sold 2 apartments and found our new dream home. This is now our first apartment we own together.

Season 5 - 2021

We finished renovations after 1 year and remember there's also a life to live beyond renovations....

Season 6 - 2022

Well now we have a home, and life is getting back to normal, whatever that is...

Season 7 - 2023

At this point everyone is wondering; will-they-won't-they?

Oh they absolutely did, in the beautiful city of Kolkata

Travel Considerations

Most international travelers should book flights in to Delhi International Airport. From the airport you can grab an Uber (IMPORTANT ALWAYS BOOK THE NICEST UBER CLASS AVAILABE, DO NOT BOOK UBER GO OR CHEAPEST OPTION) but note that Wi-Fi is not available in the airport without a local sim so make sure you try and set up an international data plan.

Allegedly (based on online sources) sim cards may be found at the Airtel Store in Delhi Airport between exit 4 and 5, opposite the International Arrivals exit and next to Costa Coffee. If this is the case we suggest you get a local sim card. We will try to find out more when we fly into India next time but in the meanwhile if you have the option of using international data plans, go with that.

If you have data you can order an Uber which is outside exit 2 and around a bend, follow the signage. You can also get a car at the international arrival opposite exit 2 but you may need some local currency. We do not recommend making exchanges at the airport, their rates will not be great but if you have no other options it's also not horrible. For car and driver booking please fill out the form in the linked button and someone will contact you from our logistics partners

We recommend first time travelers spend around 3 days in Delhi to explore the food and cultural scene or more if are looking to shop, check out the THINGS TO DO tab to find suggestions. From Delhi you can either book a domestic flight to Jaipur (<1h) or take a car/bus from Delhi to Jaipur (3-4h). We will be arraigning a bus that will take guests on the Golden Triangle which you can read about in the next section but we can also help you arrange private cars from Delhi To Jaipur.

Jaipur is a beautiful city and we would recommend first time travelers spend 1-2 days exploring the many cultural and food scenes, check out the THINGS TO DO tab to find suggestions in Jaipur.
The wedding will take place outside of Jaipur in a town called Mundota. Guests can travel to Mundota from Jaipur by taxi (~50 min) the night before the wedding starts (Feb 22nd) or the morning events start (Feb 23rd). You are all encouraged to come join us the day before the wedding and get situated before the festivities start.

As mentioned you will find a ton of suggestions in the THINGS TO DO section of the website but for all other questions and for help arranging local transportation to and from airport or between cities, please fill out the form in the linked button and someone will contact you from our logistics partner. We strongly recommend you download WhatsApp before your trip if you don't have it already. Mostly everything runs on WhatsApp in India.

Golden triangle group trip

The Golden Triangle includes Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. As Jaipur and Delhi are part of the golden triangle and assuming most international travelers will be flying into Delhi, we will be organizing buses that will take guests on the third stop of the Golden Triangle, one of India’s most popular tours. The buses will depart Delhi early on the 19th of February and stop at Taj Mahal in Agra. Later that same evening the bus will continue to Jaipur which will allow you to explore the pink city that boasts stunning architecture and a wide range of palaces and cultural landmarks for 2 days before the wedding kicks off.

If you would like to opt into the buses please submit the form in the GOLDEN TRIANGLE GROUP TOUR tab on the website.

Fly in

Your closest airports to the venue is Jaipur international airport (JAI) at 1 hrs drive and Indira Gandhi Delhi International Airport (DEL) at 4.5 hrs drive

Taxi prices from Delhi to Jaipur are roughly around 8000 NR. We suggest booking a taxi in advance or you can catch an Uber (wouldn't trust it from Jaipur airport) or Ola (haven't tried it) cab for under a $100 USD.


Weather in Jaipur

Current projections show that we can expect warm weather in Jaipur at the end of February 2024, max 28C (82F) min 24C (75F). This is obviously very early on and hard to trust but can also be compared to the weather during the same period in 2023 which was max 32C (89F) min 14C (57F).

People familiar with the region usually describe the weather as warm during the day and a tad chilly at night.

Visa considerations

All citizens of other countries than India are required to get an Indian visa. Please plan ahead and ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months from the expected day of arrival and apply for the visa at least 4 weeks before departure.
For e-visa eligible nationalities please follow the link
Some countries may require more than an e-visa so please check the details or feel free to reach out to us at if you need any help.

Note that the websites crashes very often, actually painfully often. So give yourself plenty of time, note down the application number so you can continue after a crash, it usually takes a minute or two then the site is back up Let us know if you need help, we can probably share some material and information to help. Welcome to India.

In the section relating to contact person in India, you can provide the name and host of your first night stay in India, or if it's a hotel specify the hotel name and contact number, alternatively just provide the following information for Mundota and the wedding


For car and driver booking please fill out the form in the linked button and someone will contact you from our logistics partner

You can also contact Ash and Reina if needed at



Friday, Feb 23, 2024, Palace

Time: 1:30 PM

Attire: Wear colorful, choose yellow as a prominent color in your dresses.

The Haldi ceremony is where the bride and groom are covered in turmeric paste. A paste prepared with turmeric (Haldi), sandalwood, and curd, and then this is rubbed upon the bride and groom before a ceremonial bath. The Hindus have always believed that the color yellow is auspicious as per rituals & traditions. It is also believed that this bright and vibrant color, when applied to the bride & groom before they start a new chapter in their life, will bring them good luck and prosperity.

Everybody is welcome to come forward and paint the bride and the groom with Haldi. The main importance is to enjoy the music, have fun, and see the magic of haldi on the bride and the groom.

Lunch will be served following the event.

Sangeet & Henna Night

Friday, Feb 23, 2024, Palace

Time: 8:30 PM

Attire: As Indian attire women often wear a lehenga, sari or salwar kameez while men can opt for sherwani or kurta. Palestinian thobes, traditional folk dress wrapped in intricate tatreez (hand-embroidery), are encouraged as well. For non-ethnic wear men typically wear a suit and tie while women wear a cocktail dress. It can get quite chilly at night so we recommend bringing an optional warm layer like a shawl or light jacket. Green can be a prominent color for this combined event but you can choose any color you would like (traditionally all red and all white outfits are avoided).

In Indian culture Sangeet, which literally translates to “sung together”, is an event held before the wedding and is filled with dance, music, and vibrant colors. The Mehendi is a beautiful tradition of applying Henna to the bride's hands and feet (the groom as well). Mehendi represents the holy bond of matrimony and is, therefore, considered a shagun (sign of good luck).

In Old Palestine, the henna night was a night the groom's family would sahij, or dance, through the streets of the village until they reached the house of the bride. Once there, the family would mix henna, which would then be used to decorate the bride and groom’s hands, We would like to welcome you to take part in this and feel free to also have an experience of having henna applied for yourself.

Our celebration will be a mix of the traditions and cultures of India and Palestine. The sole purpose of this event is to relish in the happiness and joy of the wedding to come so get ready to party.

As is customary in Indian weddings, the guests perform choreographed dances for the couple so we suggest you start practicing now :)


Baraat & Zaffe

Saturday, Feb 24, 2024, Fort

Time: 3.00 PM

Attire: As our events are back to back you may wear the same attire for all events on day 2, however if you prefer to change between events please feel free. Sarees, salwar suits and lehengas are the most common Indian ensembles for women while men traditionally wear sherwani or a kurta with a jacket. Palestinian thobes, traditional folk dress wrapped in intricate tatreez (hand-embroidery), are encouraged as well. For non ethnic attire, men typically wear a suit and tie while women wear a cocktail dress. You can wear any color you like but traditionally all red (bridal color), black and all white (funeral color) outfits are strongly discouraged for the ceremony. It can get quite chilly at night so we recommend bringing an optional warm layer like a shawl or light jacket.

The Indian Baraat, akin to the Palestinian Zaffa, is a lively procession filled with music, dance, and joy, symbolizing the jubilation of joining two families. All events will take place at the fort so make sure you factor in time needed for the gypsy rides up the hill from around 2-3 PM. Traditionally the groom's party dances up to the bridal party, but in our case anyone is welcome to join the dance procession. If you are joining the Baraat, make sure you bring comfortable enough shoes to dance your butts off (and also up a hill). High tea will be served after the Baraat & Zaffe.

Jaimala & Ceremony

Saturday, Feb 24, 2024, Fort

Time: 5 PM

The Jaimala ceremony involves the exchange of floral garlands, symbolizing mutual acceptance and respect. For the ceremony format has not been decided yet at this mix of a Bengali and Palestinian marriage, traditionally, the couple takes seven rounds around the sacred fire (Saat Phere) signifies seven vows and according to ancient folklore joins the couple for seven lifetimes.

Reception & Afterparty

Saturday, Feb 24, 2024, Fort

Time: 7:00 PM onwards

The Reception and Afterparty are an embodiment of the cultural blend, where you will enjoy a feast featuring both Indian cuisine and Arabic hookah. Dance the night away to a mix of Indian, Palestinian, and Western music with live DJ.

stay with us

Mundota Fort & Palace

As part of the wedding we do require that all guests stay at the venue. We look forward to hosting you at this beautiful 15th century palace and fort.

Once you RSVP and specify the days you will be attending, additional beds for kids and accompanying partners, we will assign a room to you at the hotel. Closer to the wedding date you will be contacted with a payment link from the venue. Allotment of superior rooms vs deluxe rooms will be managed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Please do not contact the hotel for reservations, all assignments and rooms are blocked for this wedding and will be managed by us and our wedding planner.

All rooms are beautiful and have individual touches; different hand painted ceilings, layout, furnishings and vibe. A number of rooms are accessible by gypsies/carts and will be reserved for guests requiring assistance.

Palace Superior Room

The 250-350 sq.ft. Superior Rooms are traditionally decorated with period furniture and provide an array of quality amenities. These rooms are a charming blend of original décor from princely times and the latest conveniences, they are truly unique.

Palace Deluxe Room

The 325-450 sq.ft. Deluxe Rooms have an open floor plan and are both spacious and light with breath-taking views of the palace gardens, hill and the war fort.

Room selection will be on a first come first serve basis with same price applicable independent of room type of 10.000 INR + 18.5 % tax. An extra charge of 3000 INR + tax will be added for additional beds


Your presence is the ultimate gift, truly. But if you feel like giving a little something, we're directing love first and foremost toward Palestinian causes. Given the number of civilian casualties and destruction wrought in Gaza and across Palestine, we would like to encourage guests to provide any gifts and donations towards medicine, supplies and to help the casualties of war. We've been in touch with relatives and checked around for trustworthy organizations compiled on this page. From what we have heard Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) are doing amazing things on the ground and they are widely respected and honest. Hospitals are working way beyond their capacity and consuming a huge amount of supplies due to the high number of casualties. Your donations, small or large go along way to help the doctors and hospitals take care of their patients. If you are donating directly to institutions, we'd love it if you could let us know so we can track the donations (just drop an email to

Alternatively we are accepting money directly for donations and our honeymoon. Swedish guests are encouraged to Swish Ash at 0768357794 and US guests can Venmo Reina on 6306991120. If you are sending us money directly, please indicate where you want the funds to go (Médecins Sans Frontières, honeymoon fund, etc).

If Venmo and Swish are not options, you can also use the following link for a third party honeymoon fund.

Médecins Sans Frontières

Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières): Providing medical and psychological assistance to those affected by the ongoing conflict. Doctors Without Borders Website


UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Middle East): This United Nations agency delivers crucial services to Palestinian refugees in the Middle East

Palestine Red Crescent Society

The Palestine Red Crescent Society serves as the primary humanitarian organization in Palestine, they provide essential medical and emergency services.

Defense for Children International - Palestine

This organization focuses on safeguarding the rights and well-being of Palestinian children.

Golden Triangle

Golden Triangle in India is the route between Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. It's named for the almost-equilateral triangle that the three cities make when plotted on a map. Starting in the capital, Delhi, and taking in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, it’s India’s most well-trodden tourist track. Why “Golden”? Well, for the extraordinary religious and historical sights that the three stops offer.

From Dehli's bustling dusty streets to 'the pink city' of Jaipur and Agra's Taj Mahal, this trip is highly recommended.


We love Delhi but it is spread out and can take a second to learn to navigate. For guests who have the time (and PTO) there's a lot to explore between the food, cultural landmarks and markets. Uber works well to get around but you can also get tuk tuk or rickshaws very easily, make sure you have cash. Wherever you can we do recommend getting a car to avoid dust and pollution.

Chandni Chowk

We'd suggest checking out Old Delhi which has tons of markets and signature food spots. A few local landmark include the Red Fort and and Jama Masjid and very close by there's a long standing classic restaurant for Mughlai food called Karims. This will most likely be the most intense part of your trip.

For fabrics, tons of tailors, and markets tuktuk over to Chandini Chowk Market and explore the streets.

Hauz Khas

We're not sure how to describe Hauz Khas. We love the area, it's a market with great designers, a bit more high-end at times, but it's really low key and has some cool restaurants with live music, and it's in a park. Somewhat hipstery. We'd recommend people get airbnbs here or in the neighboring area, Green Park. You get a ton of good restaurants and good access around Delhi. For food we recommend The Clay Oven over in Green Park. There's also a cool jazz bar called The Piano Man Jazz Club. in Haus Khas we'd suggest Naivedyam for south Indian food.

Khan Market

This market is a must, it's somewhat randomly laid out and even though you may see your destination, you may not be able to get to it but there's electronics, local designers, jewelry, food, etc. Speaking of, if you like dim sum (and shame on you if you don't) you have to go to Yum Yum Cha. I don't care if there's a wait, just go and wait!


A high-end shopping are with stores like Sabyasachi and Anita Dongre with some really good restaurants. If you head over we highly recommend a really cute café called the Grammar Room, sit outside if you can, otherwise there's also Ditas or Olive Bar & Kitchen (but it's Italian food, so....).

You might also want to check out a well known ancient monument in the same area, Qutab Minar.


Jaipur is a really cool city which is famous for it's fabrics, jewelry and crafts, and of course royal weddings. What probably is the primary reason Jaipur became so big in the wedding industry is the fact that they have many many many palaces and forts, there's so many. I'm just going to list out a few that are worthwhile
Jantar Mantar
Hawa Mahal - Palace of Wind
Nahargarh Fort
Jaigarh Fort
City Palace of Jaipur
Birla Mandir Temple

Spice Court, Jaipur

Brilliant restaurant with Rajasthani food. If you're brave, try the Jangli Maas.

Peacock Restaurant

Great view and vibe

Rooftop restaurant with local and international fare

Elephant Joy

Really cute elephant sanctuary


We haven't been ourselves but we've got these markets recommended to us.
Bapu Bazar, Laal Ji Saand Ka Rasta, Choti Chaupar, Chandpole.

Things to keep in mind

Check out the link and learn about general things to keep in mind when travelling to India

Golden triangle

Please submit this form with your details if you would like to register for the bus to Agra and Jaipur.

The bus will depart Monday morning 19th Feb from one location in New Delhi and drive to Agra where you can spend a few hours exploring Taj Mahal, then continue to Jaipur city that evening. In Jaipur you can find a hotel and explore the city for 2-3 days before the wedding starts.

If you would prefer a different itinerary or this route using a private car for your party, please contact Ritika from our hospitality team for any travel and logistics for the wedding at or +91 75053 32089 (available on Whatsapp).

Enter your contact info below

How many children

Any accessibility considerations we should know about?


Kindly RSVP as soon as possible or by Dec 31st 2023. If you cannot attend, we will miss you and would appreciate you letting us know at the soonest opportunity!

For tips please refer to the dress code listed for each of the events under the "what to wear" section. Guests are welcome, but not required, to wear traditional Indian or Palestinian attire.

Yes, if you have received an invitation, you may bring a plus one.

Yes, if your family was invited, that includes kids!

If you have any questions, you can reach us at